Vacation, immigration and citizenship on Bonaire

For how long can I stay on Bonaire and when do I need to apply for citizenship?

First of all the answer to the most frequently asked question in our office:

yes, purchasing real estate is not limited to residents. Everybody can purchase a property on Bonaire and enjoy it for vacationing, or after becoming a resident, for permanent residence.

Tourists that do not have a Dutch passport can stay on Bonaire:

  • in the event no visa is needed: 3 months per 6 months period. Please note: the 6 months period starts upon entering Bonaire the first time.
  • in the event a visa is needed: the duration of the visa.

Tourists that have a Dutch or American passport can stay on Bonaire:

  • maximum 6 months per year. Please note that there are exceptions. For more information please click here.

Residence Permit
In the event you would like to enjoy your property 12 months out of the year, you should apply for residency. In order to obtain residency you need to contact the immigration department at the RCN. Click here for their website.

Work Permit

If you would like to live and work on Bonaire, you need to apply for a work permit as well. At present we would like to refer you to the website for the Rijksdienst Caribisch Nederland for the requirements. Click here for their website.

A valid passport is a necessity on Bonaire. It is recommended that every family member has his or her own passport. Dutch citizens can renew their passports on Bonaire. You can find the location, opening hours and contact details of the Civil Affairs office at their website. Please click here.

U.S. citizens can renew their passports at the U.S. Consulate on Curacao. You can find the location, opening hours and contact details on their website.