Selling your real estate

Each property is unique and deserves optimal dedication & publicity as a result of which the most successful sale can be realized. Our team, existing out of 5 eager brokers and an essential office manager, works every day with you and for you to sell your real estate property at the best possible price and conditions.

Expertise and experience

Our years of experience on island, the way we integrated into Bonaire, our involvement in the local society and professionalism make a big difference. We know the real estate market for 30 years, we notice trends and changes, we know the homes, most often from the start of construction and by whom these were build.

Our background is real estate brokerage; that is our training, for what we have been sworn in, we have completed the specific education and have constantly updated it to stay current. In short: we know our business.

Sunbelt Realty is the only real estate office that is active on Bonaire for the last 30 years and during these years has grown in a steady constant way. We have seen many new agents in years of hot market and they disappeared in slower times, but to stay in business is only possible based on trust and a solid reputation. We have achieved that by doing business accurately.

We speak the same language, literally, as our principals and buyers; Papiamentu, Dutch, English, Spanish and German. With our years of experience with buyers from all over the globe, we know how to inform prospects and the best way of negotiating with them.

Sunbelt Realty is an all-in real estate office with a sales and purchase department, appraisals, vacation rentals, long term rentals and property management under one roof. This has a positive effect on sales; tenants switch over to buy a home, vacation guests fall in love with the island and would like to buy a vacation home or apartment. 


An important part of sales in which we invest a lot; the publicity.

Crucial to reach the largest possible target group and thus the best possible buyer.

All real estate that is listed with Sunbelt Realty is promoted to the max. Over the years, we have noticed what is successful and what the latest trends are to reach prospects.

This is what we do and the way we show your property;

  • The huge window display in our office; maximum exposure of all our listings. Impressive by size and numbers, it is obvious that many visitors on Bonaire that are looking to buy or guests that are simply curious, take a look at our display,

  • Our magazine (for more than 50 editions!). Every quarter, we publish another edition with a minimum of 4,500 copies. We distribute the magazine ourselves and it can be found at all locations where visitors are present on the island. It starts already in the arrival hall at the airport,
  • Publishing on our website with impressive photos. was one of the first websites on island, is easy to find and has in the mean while more than 12,000 visitors per month,

  • Aerials and video’s with our professional drone. If possible (depending the location) we shoot these unique images to publish these on our website. It boosts the overall picture of your property and its surroundings. 

  • The classic “For Sale” sign. Works always and attracts the attention of unexpected prospects. 

  • All vacation guests staying in a Sunbelt Realty rental, receive a goody bag with, among other items, the Sunbelt Realty magazine; direct marketing

  • Corporate advertisements, e.g. 4 x per year a full page in the beautiful Dutch glossy magazine “Exclusief wonen in Het Gooi” and adds in local magazine and newspapers, 

  • Booth during Second Home and Emigration fair, consumer trade shows in the Nederlands,

  • Every fortnight we send out our newsletter with your property to more than 10.000 relevant addresses,

  • Extensive professional Social Media campaigns on Facebook, YouTube & Instagram. These tools are managed and used by a specialized, focused marketing and communication agency in the Netherlands for us, 

  • Our wide and extensive network, of the entire Sunbelt Realty staff, by participating in various communities of interest on Bonaire. Sunbelt Realty supports and sponsors various activities on Bonaire which contributes in continuous referrals and easy access to our office.


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