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July 1st, 2020 | reading time: 2 minutes

Kevin Marchena

Property manager

Sunbelt Realty Bonaire


Your house or apartment is a valuable asset. You live in it and take good care, you maintain it on a regular basis in order to keep it in good condition and securing its value. In your primary residential situation, maintaining your property can be quite a job. You don’t have enough time to do it or it requires a lot of your energy. 

When it concerns your second home or apartment, which is located several hours away flying by plane, you’d better, with the geographical distance in mind or in times that you can’t come down to Bonaire yourself, decide to hire a local professional partner to supervise and manage your property. A partner that checks your property on regular basis, communicates with you open and fair, an experienced knowledgeable partner that can advise you about the best steps to follow. 

Your overseas property may require more attention that you expected in the first place. The environmental factors may cause more impact on eg the garden, quality of pool, (exterior) paintjob and possible presence of vermin. A professional property manager checks this for you. Furthermore, he can check the work that you have asked others to do periodically such as garden maintenance or pool cleaning. Your property manager also checks your utility meter readings. An unforeseen issue or leak is quickly detected.

Hiring a property manager for you second home or apartment has many advantages. You have comfort of mind knowing that your property will be visited and checked every week. As a result, upcoming maintenance will be detected early in the process which can save you a lot of money. You will stay up to date with the condition of your property because of the weekly status reports so you don’t face unexpected surprises. When you arrive on Bonaire to spend your well-deserved vacation, you don’t have to do arrange for handy men to come to your place or have to do yourself all kinds of maintenance work . That was not the main goal to come to Bonaire. Your property manager can take of arranging maintenance well on time. 

As a secondary but not less important reason, a well maintained property sells easier and at a better price, should you decide to say goodbye to your property and sell it. 

Until that time, I wish you a pleasant and relaxing time on Bonaire in your second home or apartment.




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