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July 27th 2023 | reading time: 4 minutes

Buying a House on St. Eustatius: An Overview of Opportunities and Benefits

Arjan Klein Kromhof

Director & Partner and Certified broker and appraiser in Real Estate

Sunbelt Realty Bonaire

Real estate agent on St. Eustatius

Our real estate agency is widely known on the island of Bonaire, as the market leader we have a wide range of rental and sales listings. What many do not know is that our office is active on the other BES islands, namely Saba and Sint Eustatius. We take a closer look at buying a home or building plots on St. Eustatius or ‘Statia’ in this blog. We would like to introduce you to the many possibilities and benefits of investing in Real Estate on the beautiful island of Sint Eustatius. Located in the Caribbean, this small but charming island offers a unique opportunity for investors looking for a unique investment location characterized by nature, tranquility and a beautiful living environment.

An Island Full of Potential

Sint Eustatius, also called "Statia", is a hidden gem in the Caribbean region. With its spectacular natural beauty, warm climate and welcoming community, the island has caught the attention of investors from all over the world. The local government has worked to create a favorable investment climate, with various incentives and a growing economy.

From Sint Eustatius, in addition to the regular flight connections via the airport F.D. Roosevelt Airport also has good ferry connections with Saba, Sint Maarten and even Sint-Kitts!. Departure and arrival is easy via the harbor at Gallows Bay. This ferry connection makes it possible to plan a day or week trip to these beautiful neighboring islands.

Economic Growth and Tourism

The economy of Sint Eustatius is developing, with increasing investments in infrastructure and tourist facilities. The island has seen a steady growth in tourists, who enjoy its uncrowded beaches, dive sites and historic sites. Beautiful walking and hiking routes compliment this offer. The routes are generally very well marked and vary from beginner level to sturdy calf biters into the volcano 'The Quill' with a height of over 600 meters.

All in all, this offers excellent opportunities for investors to take advantage of the rising demand for holiday accommodation and second homes.

Tax Benefits

One of the biggest advantages of investing in real estate on Sint Eustatius are the attractive tax arrangements. The island has favorable tax rates and offers tax exemption opportunities for specific types of investments. This can significantly increase the returns on your real estate investments.

Real Estate For Sale at Sint Eustatius

Although real estate markets can be volatile at times, Sint Eustatius generally has a stable real estate market with steadily increasing demand. The availability of building land and real estate at relatively low prices offers an attractive opportunity for investors to participate in this growing segment. Buying a home on St. Eustatius has many similarities with the process in the European Netherlands. For example, it is customary that agreement is first summarized in a purchase agreement, after which the notary of Sint Eustatius and Saba takes care of the transfer. As a broker, we guide this entire process. Ultimately, your property is registered with the Land Registry, as is also the case in the European Netherlands.

Future prospects

The future looks promising for real estate investments on St. Eustatius. With a growing tourism sector and the government's continued efforts to stimulate the investment climate, more and more opportunities are being created for investors to take advantage of the growing market.


Investing in real estate on St. Eustatius offers a unique opportunity to benefit from the attractive tax arrangements, the growing economy and the beautiful surroundings of the island. Whether you are looking for a holiday home, a second home or a passive income property portfolio, Statia has a lot to offer.

At our real estate agency we are ready to guide you in making the right investment decisions. Our local expertise and knowledge of the St Eustatius real estate market will help you find the perfect investment opportunity that meets your needs and goals.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information and to start your journey to investing in real estate on St. Eustatius. Discover the possibilities and reap the benefits of this thriving market in the Caribbean.


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