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June 1st, 2018


  1. General Terms & Conditions, Sunbelt Realty


 1.1. Goods and Services

Sunbelt Realty offers the following services:

  • Selling real estate,
  • Acting as the buyers' broker in the process of purchasing real estate,
  • Appraisals by a certified and sworn appraiser,
  • Vacation rentals,
  • Long-term rentals,
  • Property management,
  • Project development.


 1.2. Sunbelt Realty its outlets

Sunbelt Realty hereby states that it is solely located on Bonaire and thus, does not contain outlets abroad.


1.3. Sunbelt Realty newsletter

If you provide us with your e-mail address, you will receive our newsletter, which is an integral part of the services we provide. We may offer different newsletters from time to time intended to enhance the services we offer. You can cancel subscription to these newsletters at any time. Don't know how to unsubscribe? Simply send an e-mail to

If you disagree with this Privacy Statement, you should unfortunately discontinue using our services. In case you have any further question left, please contact us by sending an e-mail to



  1. Vacation rentals - Terms & Conditions, Sunbelt Realty


2.1. Guest amount and compliance 

Guests agree that no more than the number of guests confirmed shall be permitted on the property at any time during the rental term, all of whom shall comply with the conditions approved by the guest under this agreement.


2.2. Property conditions

The property is provided in “as is” condition. Sunbelt Realty will do its utmost to ensure the operation of all amenities at the property, such as but not limited; internet access, cable television, air conditioning, swimming pool. Sunbelt Realty cannot be held responsible for such amenities to function correctly, but will make every effect to correct any issues as reported as quickly as possible.


2.3. Accommodation purpose & Situation

The guests shall use the accommodation for residential purposes only and in a careful manner to prevent any damage or loss to the accommodation. Neither Sunbelt Realty nor the owners of the accommodation can be held responsible for any damage or accidents which take place at the accommodation. The guest waives and releases any claims against Sunbelt Realty, the owner of the accommodation and employees and representatives, for any injuries or death that may be sustained by the guest on or near the accommodation, including common facilities. The guests agree to stay at the accommodation and to use all facilities and amenities entirely at own initiative, responsibility and risk.


2.4. Damage, replacement & losing responsibility

The guests are responsible for the cost of repair or replacement of any damage they cause. In the event of losing the key set(s), the guests are responsible for the costs or replacing the keys and/or remote controls for alarm systems/gates.


2.5. Personal belongings 

The guests agree that all their personal items brought into the accommodation as well as all personal belongings of his permitted guests shall be at the sole risk of the guests with regards to any theft, damage, destruction or other loss and Sunbelt Realty nor the owner of the accommodation can be held responsible or liable for any reason whatsoever.


2.6. Property access by Sunbelt Realty

Sunbelt Realty has the right to enter the property at reasonable times and with reasonable advance notice to inspect the property or showing the property to prospective buyers or tenants. If Sunbelt Realty has a reasonable belief that there is immediate danger to any person or the accommodation, Sunbelt Realty has the right to access the accommodation without advance notice.


2.7. Unavailability after rental agreement

In the event that the accommodation is not available for use during the rental term, due to reasons, circumstances or events beyond of control of Sunbelt Realty, Sunbelt Realty will do its utmost to locate a replacement property that equals or exceeds the accommodation with respect to occupancy, capacity, location and value that meets the satisfaction of the guest. If a replacement property cannot be found, Sunbelt Realty will immediately refund all payments made by the guest and the rental agreement will be terminated and the guests and Sunbelt Realty will not have any further obligations or liabilities. Sunbelt Realty cannot be held responsible for any breach of agreement by suppliers.


2.8. Refund & cancellation policy

Cancellation of your reservation must be done in writing to Sunbelt Realty. Please find our refund policy below:

  • More than 90 days before arrival you receive a refund of 10% of the first payment.
  • Within 60-89 days before arrival no refund of the first payment.
  • Within 30-59 days before arrival you receive a refund of 50% of the total payment.
  • Within 0-30 days before arrival no refund.


2.9. Billing policy & order fulfillment

Sunbelt Realty requires customers to make down a payment of 25% of the total reservation value, within two weeks after booking the accommodation.

The remaining payment must be fulfilled before 60 days, prior to arrival.