Property management

Who is looking after my real estate when I am not on island?

It is an issue that you don't always consider when purchasing real estate on an island. Your true piece of paradise needs some attention when you are off island. Where to go and who to trust? Don't worry, you can leave Bonaire free of mind for a long period of time, while having your real estate managed by the experienced team of Sunbelt Realty. We check your property weekly, keep you informed regularly and take action if necessary. 

What does the property management program consists of?

We will check your home, condo or commercial real estate on a regular basis, depending on the type of real estate. This can be once every 2 weeks, once a week or even once a day. All depending on your real estate needs. During our visit, we will check the inside and outside, your garden, your pool and pay attention to possible bugs and rodants that you don't want! We will keep track of your water and electricity usage and keep you informed of this. When issues occur, we will contact you and make sure we solve any problem we face. We can help you with the selection of handyman, painters, pool services companies, air conditioning installation and servicing, etc. We can even make management plans for your property.

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