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Spacious commercial area of 339 Acre, ideal for business park or resort combined with nature.

The availability of these grounds is exceptional. Not often does an area become available with various properties like The Farm owns. A beautiful piece of nature including the mountains Powder House and Signal Hill supplemented with a beautiful green valley in which commercial use is possible according to the zoning plan, this is approximately 350.000 m2 or 86 Acres. The valley has a particularly flat terrain, which makes development and construction possible.

There are several small buildings on the site, such as canopies, but also a villa on a cliff with a magical view of the sea. The elevated location and grand layout of this villa is an added value for the whole. The villa was built in 1982 and consists of approx. 290 m2 (gross floor area) with 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, hallway, living area, kitchen area and large covered terrace. Carport on the front of the villa.

Right next to the villa, the terrain is accessible to the sea, which offers possibilities.


  • Delivery of the site free of rent and use. Existing supplies and materials will be removed;
  • Taking over (part of) the shipping containers on site is negotiable;
  • Not including: office building located on the Van Tonningenweg with underlying grounds (approx. 2,000 m2);
  • Not including: area between playground and school (approx. 3,500 m2);
  • The site is not completely closed off by a fence;
  • Various places with archaeological value.


  • N-BG – protected nature area – it concerns the top of the hills Signal Hill and Powder House;
  • N (with addition ‘wijzigingszone 2’) Surrounding Signal Hill and Powder House, also covering the B area;
  • B (op) Commercial area;
  • W – villa area - residential area.

Real Estate information

  • Neighborhood St. Eustatius
  • Address The Farm
  • Sea view
Freehold Land
Registered with the land registration office of Kadaster at Statia:1/1977, 40/2019, 2/2012
House of<br>the month: Kaya Berilo 39, Santa Barbara
3 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms Swimming Pool