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What does a purchasing agent do for me?

With a purchase order, we actively search for your new home, apartment, plot of land, or commercial property on Bonaire. If you're not present on the island, no problem! We'll schedule a video consultation on-site and digitally guide you around.

Why buy through Sunbelt Realty Bonaire?

  • Local Knowledge and Expertise
    Our purchasing agents possess in-depth knowledge of the local market, including trends, prices, and availability. We know where to look to meet your specific requirements and desires. After all, you are purchasing real estate on a Caribbean island. 
  • Network and Access to Non-Public Sales
    Our agents have access to properties not publicly listed. This gives you an edge to discover exclusive opportunities that might not be available online.
  • Negotiation Skills
    A purchasing agent is skilled in negotiation and can negotiate the best price and terms on your behalf. This experience helps secure favorable deals and steer clear of pitfalls.
  • Save Time and Stress
    By engaging a Sunbelt Realty agent, you save time that would otherwise be spent scouring listings, arranging viewings, and negotiating. We take care of the administrative work.
  • Legal and Contractual Protection
    Our agents understand the complex legal aspects of real estate transactions and ensure all contracts and documents are correctly and in your interest, drafted within the framework of BES legislation and local customs.
  • Objectivity and Advice
    Our agents can provide objective advice, separate from emotional involvement. We assist in evaluating options and offer valuable insights based on facts and experience.
  • Aftercare and Support
    Post-purchase, our purchasing agents remain available to provide support and answer questions, fostering a valuable long-term relationship with you.

Choosing one of our purchasing agents can significantly streamline the process of finding and buying a home, plot of land, or commercial property while safeguarding your interests and providing peace of mind during this crucial process.

Curious about what we can achieve for you? Contact us today or choose your trusted advisor within our team.

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