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May 26, 2020 | reading time: 3 minutes

Bonaire in times of the corona virus

Alain Noordermeer
Account Manager Vacation Rentals
Sunbelt Realty Bonaire

Corona or COVID-19 as it is called in medical terms, it is the storm that nobody saw coming.
Although a single person like Bill Gates predicted this years ago.
When the first news reports followed in December 2019, of a new flu virus that was detected in
a city called Wuhan in China, this was no more than a small part of "foreign news" in many
news bulletins.
Let's face it, it was still so far away from us. A flu virus in China, that will surely be overcome?
The speed with which it spread and reached Europe was a surprise to almost everyone, as many
governments intervened when it was already going around.
A pandemic was officially declared in March this year. Something that had last happened 11
years ago, then under the name of the "Mexican flu".

Bonaire's concern

We are now some time further and Corona and the measures taken seem to be slowly
integrating into the existence of this time. "Social distancing" is a term that unfortunately
cannot be ignored.
Bonaire was in full bloom at the beginning of this Corona crisis. The peak season was busy,
while the first news items trickled through at the time.
There you are as a small island with about 20,000 inhabitants, many of whom are elderly with one
hospital with a capacity that is not designed for a pandemic like this. The concern that the virus
would spread quickly here was tangible.
Today it is an island that cannot be compared to a few months ago. As in the rest of the world,
the illustrious measures have been taken here and have been successful to date. 2 cases have
been found up to the day of this writing and both have since recovered. Social life is slowly
getting going again and the relaxation on many faces can be seen again. Unfortunately, this
cannot be said of everyone, since tourism on Bonaire is hit hard. No planes, no cruise boats, no
tourists in flamingo blouses parading along the blue sea, getting an ice cream at Gio's, drinking
a cocktail at ‘Karels bar’ or enjoying a grilled steak on the terrace of Cuba.
This loss is hard on many residents and businesses who are completely dependent on this fixed
source of income. Tourism and Bonaire are one. The island is not complete without the energy
from the many Bonaire friends visiting the island.
Bonaire must live again! The island is too beautiful not to be shared with the rest of the world!

People must be able to see the color of the water with their own eyes, feel the warmth of the
Caribbean sun, experience the hospitality of the island and relax as you can only do on Bonaire.

Escape to "Divers Paradise"

Many disappointed guests who have had to cancel their holiday have indicated that they will continue
their trip as soon as possible. I taste the need of these guests to escape from "lockdowns" and
"quarantines". The need for sun, sea, beach and above all a lot of positive vibes will make many people
choose Bonaire. No mass tourism and still enjoy guaranteed nice weather and a nice breeze, sitting on a
terrace behind a glass of rosé or a Corona beer. Realizing that this brand of beer would prefer to have
chosen its name differently in these times, it might be a good opportunity to be able to toast to a new
era in which this pandemic is a thing of the past.
Bonaire enthusiasts are missed!
Whether it is the loyal visitor who has been able to find the island for decades or the new visitors who
will experience the island for the first time and will return for many years to come. #nevergohomeagain
Lac Bay is waiting for you to enter the water with a surfboard. The famous stairs "Thousand steps" are
not the same without the divers and snorkelers walking up and down, as well as the water taxis that
normally make their daily trips to Klein Bonaire are now parked in the harbor.
Kayaking in the mangrove, snorkeling in the azure blue sea, enjoying a good glass of wine and a snack on
a sailing boat or just taking a lovely walk on the boulevard with the sun in your back and then getting an
ice cream from Luciano. Pleasures of life that are specially needed right now.
The airlines want to fly again, Bonaire is ready to welcome you, let's hope that Bonaire can soon shine
the sun in everyone's heart again.

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"with peace of mind". In the unlikely event that your trip cannot continue due to corona restrictions,
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I wish you good health and a lot of strength in these times and let's be aware of the beautiful moments
in life. Carpe diem!