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Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara
US$ 63,000 (EUR 57.873) Buyers Costs


 Santa Barbara Lots
Features: These building lots are located at the hill of Santa Barbara, at a quiet location. Some of the lots have great views of the Caribbean sea and klein Bonaire. Due to the location, the advantages of the wind are optimal: cool breezes and less mosquitos. They offer you the perfect spot to realize your dream home.
Neighborhood: Santa Barbara
Total ground area: 10,760 / 999 sq.ft./m2
Property type: Private Property

Santa Barbara Lots
Addressm2 US$/m2Price
Kaya Berilo 10351.078 m270.-US$ 75,460.-
Kaya Berilo 1119940 m252.-SOLD
Kaya Berilo 2130940 m257.-US$ 54,000.-
Kaya Berilo 21321.000 m272.-US$ 72,000.-
Kaya Diamanta 471.531 m262.-US$ 95,000.-
Kaya Dorado 2.908 m285.-US$ 248,000.-
Kaya Krisolito 2441.040 m260.-US$ 63,000.-
Kaya Safir 22121.000 m2100.-US$ 100,000.-
Kaya Safir 22131.000 m2100.-US$ 100,000.-