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This thriving business is for sale and it includes the complete operational business, real estate, hores and more. The horse ranch was built in 2010 and is located in the beautiful, rugged Washikemba area, near Lagoen, on the eastern side of Bonaire. Rancho Washikemba has been fitted with every comfort you need. They have 14 open and airy stables so the horses can have social contact with each other, a 22 x 40 meters arena/ paddock (international standard) with soft Guyana river-sand flooring, a 18 meter round pen, a lush tropical garden and 3500 m² pasture where the horses can move freely.

The ranch is known for its private- and group lessons, trail rides and tours through the pristine area of Nature Park Bara di Karta, Washikemba and Lagoen. Most famous is the Ride and Swim tour where in walking gait a group goes from the ranch over the east coastline to the gorgeous Blue Lagoon bay, where they swim with the horses in the Caribbean Sea / Lagoen area. This is a really special experience and generates a lot of positive feedback that can be used for marketing on social media, website etc.

Are you interested and on island? We will gladly show you the complete business on site. Please note that showings can only take place by appointment.

Business Acquisition

This business acquisition consists of the transfer of all shares in company Rancho Washikemba B.V. which means that you buy the complete operational business, as is, which includes:

  • all shares of the private limited liability company 'Rancho Washikemba B.V., registered with the Chamber of Commerce on Bonaire with number 6956,
  • licence of establishment of the business,
  • long lease land including all buildings, land size approx. 5.702 m² (61.353 sq.ft.),
  • stables; 15 stable of which 14 stables with a size of 3.2 x 3.2 meter, 1 large stable 3.2 x 6.5 meter, saddle room 3.2 x 6.5 meter, horsefood storage 3.2 x 6.5 meter,
  • including all horsefood stock, stable tools and furniture,
  • including all saddles, rigging and further accesoiries,
  • house; approx. 72 m² (774 sq.ft.) excl. covered porch, open kitchen/livingroom, 1 bathroom, 1 bedroom, including new Airconditioning
  • (TLC inverter 12.000 BTU
  • Internet: Telbo Airmax 5-20MB, Costs per month; $62,22 (year contract)
  • Water: Jabsco 4.0 waterpump, maintenance free, 12V. Watertank of 10+1 m3, weekly delivery of fresh water by WEB. 5 m3 per week, costs approx. USD 3,35 per m3. This is sufficient for drinking/wasing all horses, and home usage.
  • Electricity; dieselgenerator (brand: YangDong 4cl silent diesel 12,5kva, 2 operating hours in December 2017, 10 operating hours per May 2018),
  • Victron Energy Multiplus inverter/charger 35 ampere 5000W, 12 onderhouds-vrije Varta deepcycle batterijen van 90 ampere per stuk,
  • 12 Varta professional Dual purpose deep cycle long lasting batteries,
  • paddock: 20 x 40 meter in size, fenced with wood/electric cattle fence, covered with soft river sand from Guyana,
  • 18 meter round pen, fenced with wood/electric cattle fence,
  • barnyard/ paddock of approx 3.500 m² (37.660 sq.ft),
  • horses: 13 in total:
    • 1 Gelding KWPN 1.72 m,
    • 2 Geldings Thoroughbred 1.62m en 1.68 m,
    • 1 Mare Trochador (Paso Fino type) 1.43 m,
    • 4 Mares Paso Fino 1.43-145 m,
    • 1 Gelding Paso Fino 1.44m,
    • 1 Mare Arabier 1.52 m,
    • 1 Mare Quarter Horse 1.58 m,
    • 1 Mare Welsh 1.22 m,
    • 1 Gelding Paso Fino 1.45m (8 years old),
    • 1 Paso Fino in pension,
  • website, youtube account, facebook account and Tripadvisor page (https://ranchowashikemba.com/),
  • car: Toyota Hilux double cabin, 2.7 VVTi (petrol), year: 2007.

Real Estate information

  • Neighborhood Washikemba
  • Address Washikemba 54
  • Bedrooms 1
  • Bathrooms 1
  • Air Conditioning in bedrooms
  • Air Conditioning in living room
  • Total ground area 61,376 / 5.702 sq.ft./m2
  • Construction date 2010
  • Horse Stables 15
Ground tax (annually): 0.345% of the value (1st residence), or Property tax (annually): 0.805% of the value (2nd residence). Buyers Costs consist of (one-off): 5% transfer tax, approx. 2% notary costs and costs of Land Registry at the office of Kadaster depending on purchase price.
Long Lease Land
Registered at the Land Registry Office Kadaster, number 5-C-185. Long Lease land untill 2077. Yearly Lease: US$ 684.24
House of<br>the month: Punt Vierkant 75, Punt Vierkant
4 Bedrooms 3.5 Bathrooms Swimming Pool