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The business building Kaya Carlos A. Nicolaas 3, where until recently WEB-Bonaire and Ennie Insurance had their offices, will be publically offered for sale using the procedure (tender offer); prospects can deliver their offers in sealed envelop at the civil law notary Mr. A. Schouten.
The building consist of multiple front office, back office and storage area's and is sold unfurnished. The Spatial Zoning Plan (Ruimtelijk Ontwikkelingsplan Bonaire) states that the object is zoned as 'Gemengd I' and partially 'Water'.

Conditions public sale via registration procedure

  • Offers are only valid when filled in using this offer form, and Buyer agrees to all further conditions applicable to his sales procedure; Verkoop bij inschrijving voormalig WEB-kantoor aan de Kaya Carlos A. Nicolaas 3_2.pdf
  • Offers in sealed envelop have to be delivered at civil law notary office Mr. A. Schouten, Kaya Gresia 13 in Kralendijk,
  • Final day of delivering offers Friday September 28th 2018, 5.00 PM local time,
  • Opening envelopes by civil law notary Monday October 1st 2018,
  • Offers will not be published,
  • Upon accepting an offer downpayment of 15% as security deposit to be wired into escrow account of civil law notary,
  • Closing as soon as possible but at latest 2 months after accepting the offer,
  • Seller holds the right of allotment,
  • Closing/actual delivery free of rent/lease/mortgages/claims, in current condition (as is where is). Buyer explicitly accepts all visible and non visible defects,
  • The transfor building on site will be part of the property sold (to benefit the use by WEB of the transformer building and lines, easement will be established).

Open days

All contact in regards to the sales procedure will go through Sunbelt Realty Bonaire. Please do not contact WEB Bonaire directly on this matter. 

Real Estate information

  • Neighborhood Kralendijk
  • Address Kaya Carlos A. Nicolaas 3
  • Total living area 7,298 / 678 sq.ft./m2
  • Total ground area 20,236 / 1.880 sq.ft./m2
Ground tax (annually): 0.345% of the value (1st residence), or Property tax (annually): 0.805% of the value (2nd residence). Buyers Costs consist of (one-off): 5% transfer tax, approx. 2% notary costs and costs of Land Registry at the office of Kadaster depending on purchase price.
Long Lease Land
Registered at the Land Registry Office Kadaster, number 4-D-468 & 4-D-2285 long lease land until June 8th, 2033.
House of<br>the month: EEG Boulevard 36, Belnem
6 Bedrooms 6 Bathrooms Swimming Pool