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17th of June 2019 | reading time: 3 minutes

Emigrate to Dushi Bonaire

Alain Noordermeer
Account Manager Vacation Rentals
Sunbelt Realty Bonaire

"Mom, we're going to Bonaire!"

Almost every person is having that dream, trade in your home country for a beautiful, tropical island in the middle of the ocean. The fact that we wanted to get away from the daily grind was known to our family and friends for a while. The message that we actually acted at the word, nevertheless caused many mouths to fall open. Since by far the most reactions were enthusiastic, "that's really something for you guys", as there are always the critical noises. Leaving your family and friends behind, canceling a permanent working contract and all the solidities that we have built up as a family over the years are of course all good arguments for not taking the big step. Yet we have decided to let go of the familiar and to enter into the unknown.

Of course, you don't take such a decision just like that. Eventually it took several months before we actually made the decision. I don't have to explain most people the good arguments to take this step, such as the wonderful climate, the beautiful colors of the sea and the relaxed sentiment that prevails on the island. We read a lot about the island. Official websites, in which all kinds of practical matters were dealt with, but also personal blogs, how our predecessors experienced their journey to the uncertainty. Since my wife and I were both familiar with traveling before we met, it certainly helps in being open to adventure and uncertainty. When the housing market in the Netherlands is finally in good shape, when Dutch is spoken and taught on the island, as a Dutch citizen it is good to get a residence permit, well, then we must now also put the act to the word. "Mom, we are going to Bonaire"!

My mother had often heard plans from us, so had hoped that it would be a temporary fad. After a while, she realized that it would really become reality. "Gosh, how nice for you ..." she said with tears in her eyes.

Finally on an adventure

We had put everything on paper, our support to tackle this adventure well and in a structured way! Canceling work, informing our son's sports clubs and school about our wild plans, informing family and friends bit by bit, redecorating the house and putting it up for sale, until the moment comes that everything starts to get going. The house has suddenly been sold and the big farewell party is always more emotional than you had thought in advance.
Then the moment has arrived where you have been living for a long time! The day you actually leave. With a small and close group of family and friends at Schiphol Airport you finally say goodbye to the Netherlands we know on your way to the unknown part of the Netherlands on the other side of that big ocean.

Bon Bini to Bonairu
After more than 9 hours of flying, we finally landed on that little dot in the middle of the ocean surrounded with those beautiful, blue edges. The warm wind that meets you when you get off the plane is with us, just like with many others, a wonderful welcome to the Caribbean. While we walk towards the baggage claim, we let all the impressions work on us.

Starting with our luggage! We had found our suitcases fairly quickly, but where did we have to pick up our cats and beloved dog? After a big bang, we saw a bewildered looking Benji appear between the gates of the treadmill, where our suitcases appeared earlier. Not immediately afterwards we also saw 4 cat eyes looking around in the arrival hall of Flamingo Airport. Bon Bini to Bonairu!

Discover the island
The first few months we had calculated to enjoy on the one hand and to get to know the island on the other. After we had purchased a 2nd hand pick-up truck , we visited every corner of the island. From the beautiful Sorobon to the Washingtonslagbaai, from the beautiful diving and snorkeling spots, such as 1000 steps and Pink Beach to the famous salt pans. Many times we had to visit a nice terrace and restaurant of course to taste Bonaire.

After this wonderful introduction to the island, practical matters must of course also be arranged. Since we were looking for a long-term rental home, we had our arrows on multiple parties. Sunbelt Realty was 1 of them. That good conversation, meant to find a house, eventually led me to strengthen the Sunbelt team in the Vacation rentals department. Fortunately, the search for the house went well, my wife also found a nice job and our boys try to settle down little by little at the local school in Kralendijk.

We have now been on the island for more than 7 months and have found our way. The atmosphere on the island is completely different from what we experienced in the Netherlands during our daily activities. It is not without reason that Bonaire has the name of "The friendly island". Where Curacao and Aruba can bring bustle, Bonaire exudes relaxation.

Also feel like tasting this relaxed atmosphere? Then I can probably help you find a nice house or apartment! Via rentals@sunbeltbonaire.com or + 599-717 6560 I am happy to help you in your search! If you are even ready to purchase a nice piece of land, house or apartment, you can contact one of my colleagues' contacts or e-mail to info@sunbeltbonaire.com. All our houses can be viewed on our website: www.sunbeltbonaire.com.